PCB Clean-Up

PCBs, ( polychlorinated biphenyls), are a class of man-made chemicals that were originally used as coolants for power transformers, heat exchangers, electric motors and other kinds of electrical equipment. PCBs were favoured as they handle high temperatures well, are electrically insulating and are not flammable. PCBs were used extensively in flourescent light ballasts in the past and due to age, ballasts may rupture and leak, creating a potential exposure hazard. Health effects related to PCB exposure include cancer, and issues arising with the reproductive, immune, and nervous systems.

PCBs are stable compounds and persist a long time in the environment (soils, water sources, and air ecosystems).

Even though PCBs are banned in Canada, they may still be found in a variety of products including:

  • Fluorescent light ballasts
  • Transformers and capacitors
  • Oil used in motors and hydraulic systems
  • Paints and caulking

Grayhawk Industries Ltd. provides offers PCB decontamination , light ballast identification, site management, cleanup, transportation and disposal.