Infection Control / Hoarding / Dust Control

Grayhawk Industries offers professional complete infectious control and hoarding services to construction, renovation and maintenance activities in Health Care Facilities, Long Term Care Facilities. In addition, Grayhawk Industries hoarding and dust control solutions when situations with air quality challenges may occur. With respect to infectious control, hospital environments may pose potential health risks for patients, staff and visitors through the airborne migration of dust particulate (which may also be contaminated with bacteria and or fungi). Even relatively minor work can cause serious infections if performed near susceptible patients or those that are immunocompromised.

To mitigate these health concerns, Health Canada and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) have developed and instituted “Infection Control & Prevention Guidelines” specific to;

  • classification of risk group
  • work area containment
  • negative pressure ventilation of work area
  • containment and transport of construction materials
  • clean-up of construction work area’s

Grayhawk Industries proudly works closely with British Columbia Health Authorities and facility property management contractors in the provision of all aspects of “Construction Infection Control Hoarding and Ventilation” to maintain a clean and safe environment.