Firestop Systems

Firestopping is based on a series of specialized ULC (Underwriters Laboratories of Canada) tested systems of designed to seal openings and penetrations in a building in order to contain smoke and flames from spreading in the event of a fire.


Firestopping is a Building Code requirement and is essential to ensuring the safety of building occupants from not only the threat of fire but the lethal smoke and gases generated by fire. This is achieved by systematically converting a building into a series of sealed ‘fireproof boxes’.
The head-of-wall joint (wall/steel deck intersection) is a typical common building opening where a firestopping application is required. Grayhawk Industries Ltd. provides various solutions to these and many other types of firestopping applications utilizing a variety of components incorporating mineral wool, caulkings (spray or trowel applied), mortar and other firestopping specific materials.